Update (09/01/19): The submission window for this anthology is now closed. Look on this page each Monday for latest announcements!

We received close to 900 submissions during our open call (which ended midnight on 08/31/19). Co-editors Doug Murano and Michael Bailey are currently reading these millions upon millions of words, so we appreciate your patience as we fill this anthology. We will be announcing acceptances every Monday on this website, as well as on social media.

What happens when we make monsters? What happens when we confront the monsters inside ourselves? These are the grotesque things that should never have been. These are the beasts that stalk our twisted pasts. These are the ghosts of our own making that haunt our regrets. They’re the blood on our hands. They’re the obsessions in our heads. They’re the vengeance in our hearts. These are Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors.

Bram Stoker Award-winning editors Doug Murano and Michael Bailey welcome you to submit your best work for consideration in this anthology, which will launch in early 2020. This page will be periodically updated with accepted contributions.

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    • Clown PrinceB
    • July 3rd, 2019

    Just subbed… Love the cover art! Reminds me of Bernie Wrightson!

      • Anna Haney
      • July 9th, 2019

      I did too. I am living dangerously these days. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the update to your submission guidelines – that answers my question!

    • James L. Jones
    • August 29th, 2019

    What format should be used for submissions? Will the Shunn format work?

    • However you want to get us your story is fine. No specific formatting guidelines.

        • James L. Jones
        • September 12th, 2019

        Thank you. Hoping you got it!

  1. August 13th, 2019

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