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Surprise book launch! 15 years in the making, Psychotropic Dragon is finally going to print.

Available September 28th in hardcover, trade paperback, and eBook.

Part short novel, part novella, part novelette, with a few short stories and fables in between, Psychotropic Dragon is a mind-bending composite narrative about Julie Stipes and her experience with the street drug Drakein-5. The psychotropic eye drops blur reality, sending her through a horrific journey of self-discovery and recovery. Each act in this ensemble is further brought to life with illustrations by Daniele Serra, Glenn Chadbourne, L.A. Spooner & Ty Scheuerman.

Amazon: eBook | trade paperback | hardcover. Also available in the UK, Canada, AustraliaGermany, FranceItaly, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, and a part of Kindle Unlimited where available.

Barnes & Nobletrade paperback | hardcover

Books-A-Million (BAM!): trade paperback | hardcover.

The book is dedicated to John Skipp for helping first spark this monster to life, and to Josh Malerman for the inspiration to finish it.

Psychotropic Dragon - Cover (full spread)

Some praise:

“Like the drug he’s invented, Michael Bailey’s Psychotropic Dragon is addictive, scary, and at times, mind-blowing. But it’s the human element that keeps you turning the pages, the wounds to the psyche which we recognize immediately. The human element … and a fierce narrative style.” – Jack Ketchum (miss you, my friend, and sorry this took too long)“

After the publication of Palindrome Hannah, I did not think it possible that Michael Bailey could ever top that mind-bender of a novel. I was wrong. Psychotropic Dragon, from its perception-altering structure to its gut-wrenching and deeply moving and frightening narrative, makes recent cross-genres look like they were written by a three-year-old. Did I say ‘cross genre’? My bad. This phantasmagorical show-stopper of a book defies categorization. It is, in the truest sense of the word, unique, something all too rare in publishing today. Beautifully written, stunningly illustrated, and guaranteed to blow your mind (not to mention scare the bejeezus out of you). A staggering achievement.” – Gary A. Braunbeck

If you try to hold on too tightly to the narrative, you might get hurt. My advice is to let it sweep you up. And to read it twice, or more. Psychotropic Dragon is a modern classic you will want to return to again and again.” – Chris Larsen

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