It’s time to announce the final Table of Contents for CHIRAL MAD 5, to be released in late spring / early summer by Written Backwards. The anthology will feature writers and poets from around the world. More information can be found here.

CM5 - Cover 9x6

Editor: Michael Bailey

Illustrator: Seth Brown 


  • “Strawberry Spring” by Stephen King
  • “There Are No Basements in the Bible” by Josh Malerman
  • “Three Nights of Shadows” by John Langan
  • “Recognition” by Victor LaValle
  • “Observer Dependent Universe” by Christa Wojciechowski
  • “A Plague of Loving Grace” by Cody Goodfellow
  • “The Kitowaj” by Roberta Lannes
  • “Swan Song” by Elin Olausson
  • “The Unburdening of Lavender” by Gene O’Neill
  • “We Are Vignettes” by Tlotlo Tsamaase
  • “Lifetimes” by Koji A. Dae
  • “Falling Down the Wayle” by Kehkashan Khalid
  • “Seeds” by J. Federle
  • “What Is Lost in the Smoke” by Laura Blackwell
  • “Impressions of a Vizard-Mask, Surrounding the Great Troubles of 1907” by Emily B. Cataneo
  • “Persistence” by Jonathan Lees
  • “Feeling Like a Big Kid at the End of the Beginning” by Paul Michael Anderson
  • “Tears That Never Stain” by Jessica May Lin
  • “The Drunken Tree” by Tonya Liburd
  • “The Queen of Talley’s Corner” by Gary A. Braunbeck
  • “Sable’s Bestiary for Those Who Remain” by Hailey Piper
  • “Redstarts in the Last Summer” by Vajra Chandrasekera
  • “Ancestries” by Sheree Renée Thomas
  • “Elevator” by Michael Paul Gonzalez
  • “I’m Not Sam” by Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee (novella, paperback / hardback only)


  • “With the Black Ribbon” by Erik T. Johnson
  • “My People” by Lulu L. Wong / “My People” by Langston Hughes
  • “Deicide” by Henna Johansdotter
  • “Sing My Carnage in a Hayfield” by Sara Tantlinger
  • “Faith” / “At the Downtown University” by Lucy A. Snyder
  • “Backspace Is a Language In Our Dreams” / “Every Day Can’t Be April” by Nnadi Samuel
  • “Chasing the Serpent” by Marge Simon
  • “Dark Neighborhood” by Cindy O’Quinn
  • “Corpuscular” / “Absence” / “Chalk” by Shane Douglas Keene
  • “The Infinite Lives of the Little Match Girl” by Christina Sng
  • “Seasonal Meat” / “Parable of the Blue Man” (flash prose) by Jamal Hodge
  • “Asphyxia” / “Black Robes, Red Hats, and White Oblivion” (flash prose) by Maxwell I. Gold
  • “Magmatic” by LH Moore
  • “Yesterday at 1:53 p.m.” by B.E. Scully
  • “Spectacular Degeneration” / “The Tableau” by Zoje Stage
  • “Colorblind” by Wrath James White
  • “Seven Symptoms of the End/Beginning/End/Beginning…” by Linda D. Addison

Amazon: eBook | trade paperback | hardcover. Also available in the UK, Canada, AustraliaGermany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, and a part of Kindle Unlimited where available.

Barnes & Noble: trade paperback | hardcover

Books-A-Million (BAM!): Coming soon!

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