THE UNTOLD TRUTH. MAYBE? launched today, the official website of Madness and Writers: The Untold Truth. Maybe? This is a new series in development by A Gypsy Life . . . Productions, hosted by Lukas Hassel, directed by Jamal Hodge, and brought to life by Executive Producers Velva Carter-Maloof and David Maloof.

Written Backwards has partnered with many wonderful people on this show about writers, and Michael Bailey is the screenwriter and a producer of the series.

Episode 1 is currently filming and features Josh Malerman, Linda D. Addison, and Michael Bailey. Visit the website above to read more about this project, behind-the-scenes photos, as well as author soundbites by Lee Murray, Jeff Strand, and L. Marie Wood (to be updated regularly as the series progresses).

Check out the teaser trailer below:

And a message from yours truly:

But seriously . . . check out the website for more information, and be sure to visit and subscribe to the following:




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