MISCREATIONS: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors

The Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology, coedited by Doug Murano and Michael Bailey, is under a buck on Kindle in the US / UK now through the weekend. Snag a copy of the eBook if you haven’t already. Features the Stoker-winning short story by Josh Malerman.

Foreword by Alma Katsu

“A Heart Arrhythmia Creeping into a Dark Room” – Michael Wehunt
“Matryoshka” – Jo Kaplan
“Butcher’s Blend” – Brian Hodge
“Operations Other than War” – Nadia Bulkin
“One Day of Inside/Out” – Linda D. Addison
“One Last Transformation” – Josh Malerman
“Brains” – Ramsey Campbell
“You Are My Neighbor” – Max Booth III
“The Vodyanoy” – Christina Sng
“Imperfect Clay” – Lisa Morton
“Spectral Evidence” – Victor LaValle
“Ode to Joad the Toad” – Laird Barron
“Only Bruises Are Permanent” – Scott Edelman
“My Knowing Glance” – Lucy A. Snyder
“Paper Doll Hypderplane” – R.B. Payne
“Not Eradicated In You” – Bracken MacLeod
“Resurrection Points” – Usman T. Malik
“The Old Gods of Light” – Christina Sng
“Sounds Caught in Cobwebs” – M.E. Bronstein
“Umbra Sum” – Kristi DeMeester
“A Benediction of Corpses” – Stephanie M. Wytovich
“The Making of Asylum Ophelia” – Mercedes Yardley
“Frakenstein’s Daughter” – Theodora Goss

Features artwork throughout by HagCult

Other purchasing options . . .

AmazoneBook | trade paperback | hardcover. Also available in the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Japan, and a part of Kindle Unlimited where available.

Barnes & Nobletrade paperback | hardcover

Books-A-Million (BAM!)trade paperback | hardcover

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