Everyone hates creating (and probably reading) “Award Eligibility” lists, as well as writing (and probably receiving) opt-in emails to consider one’s work for award recognition, but it has become essential for independent and non-bestselling writers to highlight what they have published, a way to determine from their peers if what they have published is any good. And let’s face it: all creators want award recognition. Who doesn’t want a statue, a trophy, a rock?

Toward the end of the year, social media, websites, and email inboxes are flooded with last-minute “for your consideration” type posts, even though this could have done throughout the year. Why? Because most who recommend works for award consideration do so in bulk toward the end of the year, and because not all award systems are jury-driven. This is sadly the case, which is why no one tends to see “Award Eligibility” lists or opt-in emails during the first ten months of the year.

But . . . then, is there enough time to read the work in those final months? Not usually, but the list or opt-in email or whatever it may be works as a reminder to “rec it” if having already read and enjoyed the work, and without using the R-word. It is similar to begging for book reviews, which has become another essential for independent and non-bestselling writers.

It goes against award conduct to request recommendations from peers, but isn’t that exactly what “Award Eligibility” lists do without implicitly stating, “Consider recommending my [ title and type of published work ] for the [ fill-in-the blank ] Award”?

“Award Eligibility” lists thus are created as a way of stating without stating, “Here’s my work to consider for awards this year, not that, you know, I deserve such things,” while implying, so if you feel inclined, maybe, you know, throw in a good word?

All that said, below is my list of works published in 2022 that I am most proud of (one for each category, some of which were collaborations with other writers), and with all the important information about each, if, you know . . .

Title: Chiral Mad 5
Category: Anthology
Editor: Michael Bailey
Publisher: Written Backwards
Month of Publication: September

Title: Sifting the Ashes
Category: Poetry Collection
Author(s): Michael Bailey & Marge Simon
Publisher: Crystal Lake Publishing
Month of Publication: April

Title: The Call of the Void
Category: Novella
Author(s): Michael Bailey & Erinn L. Kemper
Publisher: Bleeding Edge Books
Month of Publication: March

Title: Slo-Mo”
Category: Short Story
Author: Michael Bailey
Publisher: Hybrid Sequence Media
Venue: Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters, and Other Phenomena (anthology)
Month of Publication: June

Title: “A Need for Storytelling”
Category: Short Nonfiction
Author: Michael Bailey
Publisher: Manuscripts
Venue: Online (
Month of Publication: December

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