PRISMS, an anthology of dark science fiction and fantasy co-edited by Darren Speegle and Michael Bailey, is now available to pre-order. This anthology was previously published in limited hardcover by PS Publishing in March 2021, but will be made available in a wider release by Written Backwards on March 21st, 2023. Features cover artwork by Ben Baldwin.

Prisms are instruments, mirrors, metaphors, gateways humankind must pass through in order to achieve, to overcome, to realize, to become. Contained herein are nineteen transformative tales from some of speculative fiction’s most brilliant minds. So open your eyes and let the light pass through . . .

Table of Contents:

“We Come in Threes” – B.E. Scully
“Encore for an Empty Sky” – Lynda E. Rucker
“The Girl with Black Fingers” – Roberta Lannes
“The Shimmering Wall” – Brian Evenson
“In This, There Is No Sting” – Kristi DeMeester
“The Birth of Venus” – Ian Watson
“Fifty Super-Sad Mad Dog Sui-Homicidal Self-Sibs, All in a Leaky Tin Can Head” – Paul Di Filippo
“Rivergrace” – E. Catherine Tobler
“Saudade” – Richard Thomas
“There Is Nothing Lost” – Erinn L. Kemper
“This Height and Fiery Speed” – A.C. Wise
“The Motel Business” – Michael Marshall Smith
“Everything Beautiful Is Also a Lie” – Damien Angelica Walters
“The Gearbox” – Paul Meloy
“District to Cervix: The Time Before We Were Born” – Tlotlo Tsamaase
“Here Today and Gone Tomorrow” – Chaz Brenchley
“The Secrets of My Prison House” – J. Lincoln Fenn
“A Luta Continua” – Nadia Bulkin
“I Shall but Love Thee Better” – Scott Edelman

Pre-order below:

AmazoneBook | trade paperbackhardcover (from PS Publishing)

Barnes & Nobletrade paperback

Books-A-Million (BAM!): trade paperback (coming soon)

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